- Guitar Tutor & Performer In North Devon

About Me:

     I have been playing guitar for as long as i can remember, playing live, in the studio and in workshops my whole musical life. I thoroughly enjoy playing solo guitar pieces. Band wise i've done it all, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop, Funk, R'n'B, Country you name it i've probably tried it, if not i definitely will!!! 

      As for teaching, i have been teaching for many years privately i have also taught in schools, both on 1-2-1 basis and in groups with an age range of 6 - 67. I have a very adaptable approach to teaching so that if you don't understand what i'm telling you, i'll try explain the same subject as many different ways until it all makes sense to you.

      I'll teach anything, i try to tailor lessons towards what you want to be playing and try to keep it fun (how music was intended). 

For peace of mind i do have a current DBS.

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